Find hope, peace, and new ways to help your family.

The modern family faces challenges that are varied and sometimes difficult to navigate. Families at Risk is an academic yet faith-based lecture series that offers real-world advice and hope. Faculty from the BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences are presenting the topics.

This lecture series covers

  1. Challenges Modern Families Face by Dean Busby
  2. The Love of Many—Spiritual Exodus from Addiction by Mark Butler
  3. Blending Well: Principles to Step-Families by Jeff and Tammy Hill
  4. Media and Families by Sarah Coyne
  5. Understanding the Modern Threat of Pornography: Myths and Reality by Brian Willoughby
  6. Avoiding Marital Malaise by Scott Braithwaite
  7. Same-Sex Attraction by Ty Mansfield
  8. Thinking About Divorce by Alan Hawkins
  9. Family Recreation by Ramon Zabriskie

Come away with tools, techniques, and goals that will help you and your family face today’s challenges. The in-depth discussions and spiritual setting will give you a positive outlook on family issues, and you’ll meet others who are facing similar concerns.